Stoned in Solitude: How to Entertain Yourself Throughout a Mandated Quarantine



You smoked both prerolls. The package said Skywalker OG. It was grown in Humboldt County. The package is made of plastic that’s been recycled from the ocean- it came with two. It seemed like the only rational thing to do. But now it appears that you are home alone and the mind has wandered. “Do I get out all of my old crafting supplies? Should I learn to knit? Respond to emails? Would it be best if I just sat here and stared at the ceiling in contemplation of my fragile existence?”



Well Jane, I think most people would advise you not to go with that last option; This is honestly a realistic situation to find yourself in. I know I find myself struggling to pass the time, even after I partake in the smoking/eating of yummy cannabis herbs and products from my local licensed delivery service.

In all seriousness, Spring of 2020 has found the collective in a state of life that does, and apparently will continue to call for an attitude of vigilant self motivation. Vigilant self-care, vigilant strength and determination, vigilant compassion and serious rediscovery of human kindness toward one another. As many of us have found ourselves struggling to work in our respective industries – quarantined, and apparently alone yet virtually in the company of others- this can cloud our sense of purpose.

We may be desiring to do more or to experience some sense of tangible progress in the midst of a chaotic external world. 

And if these current events have presented you with more personal ‘free time’, just you and your mind, it seems silly to let such time be spent idly. It can’t be good for one’s mental health to completely ‘dull out’ over the repetitive and monotonous nature of being quarantined!

That is why the team here with Shaka has thrown together a little list of different activities and mindfulness techniques that you may use to get the most out of your time with Ms. Mary Jane (a.k.a. the cannabis plant). Make an effort to tune in, and you can make the time that you partake a special time – embodying the choice to consume cannabis as an opportunity to sink more deeply into your mind and body. This is so simple, it can start with lighting a candle, or bringing a pot of water to boil for a cup of tea.


“Minding the Breath can be like taming a wild horse. The aspiration is to tame it with kindness and without breaking its spirit” 

– Dr. Patrizia Collard, The Little Book of Mindfulness.


  1. Set out a yoga mat and let it all go. Begin by practicing some deep breathing techniques. Be patient and stick with it for at least 5-10 minutes. Allow yourself to stretch and move through a flow if you feel so inclined to move around a bit. This is your chance to tune in to the quiet (… occasionally loud) messages that your body and mind may be sending you. If you have one at home, use a foam roller to work out any hard-to-get-muscle tissue areas in your back, legs, hips and arms.  
  2. Write down your Perspective. You might decide to burn some incense along with your dooby, and pick up a journal or notebook. Writing requires an introspective headspace, but what else is there (really) when one finds themselves stoned in solitude?
  3. Do you have a reading list you’ve been putting off? Maybe as a change of pace, opt for the bound books: fiction or non-fiction that have been collecting dust on your nightstand. Challenge yourself to smoke a Shaka Preroll – while allowing a book to hold your attention for a span longer than your average instagram story feed. 
  4. I find a hot bath (with mineral salts) to be one of the best choices I could possibly make for myself in times of stress, boredom, or those times in which I desire some self-compassion. Shaka Prerolls are bathtime approved; just as long as you keep one hand dry while you are soaking your problems away. You got this.  
  5. Connect more deeply with your animals. Could there have ever been a better use of time when baked? Your old lazy animal wants pets and to have their coat brushed, while your younger pet could definitely go for some energizing play time …. If you do not have any animals – consider finding a friend to pet sit for (or dog-walk for!) OR perhaps you ought to visit your local animal shelter’s website to see if they are in need of volunteers / foster parents! While dogs and cats, reptiles and rodents are all valuable creatures in and of themselves, they can also be quite good for our mental health!
  6. Look up a recipe you have been interested in making for some time. Do you have some or most of the ingredients to make it happen? Do you have what is needed to substitute anything you are missing? If it is possible for you to acquire needed groceries to make your dream recipe into reality – then this can be a really fun activity to do by yourself or with the person you may be stuck at home with! Plus you have a delicious meal out of the deal. *PSA; Shaka Brand Products does not recommend the use of the oven/stove if one has consumed a heavy dose of cannabis! Please always keep safety in mind when you are using sharp objects, open flames, excessive heat, etc. 
  7. Munchies Meal; do it mindfully. As we approach the end of this list, I wanted to tie in another aspect of mindfulness training (what with the very chaotic external world we have all found ourselves in). One way that you may tune-in to your mind and body can be during the vital time of eating and drinking. Dr. Patrizia Collard recommends eating your meals with a sense of pleasure. Eat slowly so you may taste every morsel. Turn off the television, and remove your phone from your nearby area. Eating mindfully means that you don’t do anything (read/ check your emails/ study) – except to eat. Another way you may slow down your bites and your enjoyment is to set the fork or spoon down between each time that it meets your mouth. Allow yourself time to chew – and think about the process of how that food made it to your table. I have found that this style of eating is a great reminder of how fortunate we are to be alive – and the simplicity of enjoying our next meal, whatever that may be! 

“Living moment by moment, and seeing everything afresh without judgement and worry lets us experience life rather than simply get through it”  – Dr. Patrizia Collard, The Little Book of Mindfulness.


No matter how you decide to get through your day – we hope you find some joyfulness in doing it.

Be safe. Be sanitary. And above all – hang loose  🤙🏼

Enjoy a Shaka Preroll; TWO .7g Humboldt Cannabis Prerolls.


This article was written for an audience that is over the age of 21.


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