Dispensaries are ESSENTIAL: Visit a dispensary near you! 




Did you know that for the first time since the number ‘420’ has been a symbol of significance, we have been presented with the rare opportunity of an entire month of our dearest stoner holiday? As I write this, we are over halfway through this special blip in human history. The representative fourth month of the year,  April, and a date that is especially exemplified by the memorable year: 2020. Unforeseen (and frankly unfortunate) worldwide circumstances may have curbed the celebrations that should be taking place for stoners tried and true, and has instead banished us into our respective living rooms. What’s next for Mary Jane? How do we make the most of this turn of events? How will we pay homage to the plant that takes care of us in times of need? You know, the one that has helped both your and your grandmother’s glaucoma? 



Knowing that this year’s “420” has not brought about beloved outdoor BBQ’s, parties in the park, concerts and huge smoke-outs – is undoubtedly a huge bummer for all of us. The current predicament of April 2020 has invited all of us to deeply reevaluate how we celebrate our beloved cannabis plant in all her trichomed, pungent beauty. 



That being said, the team here at Shaka Prerolls wants to show support by encouraging any of you reading this to please visit your local dispensary or phone-in to a delivery service in your neighborhood! Show Support to Your Local Cannabis Community!


Dispensaries are ESSENTIAL and they need your support now more than ever!


Check out WeedMaps to get an idea of where you can find a cannabis dispensary or delivery service nearest to you! And if you want to smoke on some premier Humboldt cannabis, find or request Shaka Brand Prerolls from your local retailer. 



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Be safe. Be sanitary. And above all – hang loose –

This article was written for an audience that is over the age of 21.