7 Places to Smoke Your Shaka Preroll (Quarantine-Conscious!)


Where to go, where to go? While the majority of us are quarantined at home, and physically separated from one another, with the spread of pandemic COVID-19 – our team here at SHAKA believes that it is more important now than ever for you to find ways to fulfill your spirit during these particularly uncertain times. We want to give you this list of possible places and spaces to enjoy yourself, in the expectation that you will abide by all of your local and state laws regarding safe and discreet consumption of cannabis products, and please respect all local and shelter-in-place ordinances;  enjoy!


You’ve been scouring the web for hours. 

Your daily walk through the neighborhood feels bleak by week three+ of a quarantine.

When it seems that you’ve done just about everything that can be done from home- it’s time to take your daily smoke sesh into new territory. Maybe try some of these adventures out for size. 



  1. If you need physical activity as much as I do – try burning down a Shaka Preroll as you bomb down a hill on your longboard. Make sure to avoid heavy pebbles in the road, and steer clear of all schools! 
  2. Light up your Shaka Preroll from the rocking chair on your porch or balcony.  Enjoy some tunes. Maybe gawk at your neighbors for awhile, as they stare obliquely out of their windows to get a glimpse of the outside world. Give em’ a little wave ~ throw ’em a shaka 🤙🏼 

  3. Create a new, sweet little space in your house or backyard. Hang up some stringing lights, maybe lay down a rug or some cozy pillows to lounge with. Incense can really set the mood sometimes. Whether you smoke inside to remain discreet, or you decide on an outdoor space around your home, create yourself an exciting little nook to hang out and get toasty in. Changing up a small space can really change up your headspace!
  4. If you live in a building with access to your roof or if you have an upstairs window access to safely sit up there- pop up for an evening toke with the stars. Maybe dust off that old telescope or a pair of simple binoculars.
  5. Ever tried smoking while you cruise your roller skates/blades? The trick here is finding an evenly paved area, (somewhere you are legally allowed to consume cannabis!) and possibly getting your hands on some wrist and knee pads. Safety first.
  6. Do you have access to a nature spot,  or a bit of wilderness? While we don’t recommend using Shaka cannabis products in or around a national or state park (as that would violate a state or federal ordinance), we do love the adventure of finding a secluded spot in a natural surrounding, where you can consume cannabis safely and with respect to others who may be enjoying the same trail/river spot downwind.
  7. Last but not least, we think you should surprise the friend/family member you are quarantined with by building a fort (one that is big enough for 2+ people to be inside of. Hide some loaded nerf-gun toys inside). Coax the roommate in for an enjoyable Shaka smoke session in the fort, and right when they least expect it – unleash the nerf! 



No matter how you decide to get through your day – we hope you find some joyfulness in doing it.

Enjoy a Shaka 

This article was written for an audience that is over the age of 21.

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