TokeTime: Not-Your-Typical Video Chat Session


Let’s face it. You miss your friends. 

At first you thought this whole quarantine business would be easy-as-pie. Now, after counting all of the pies you’ve actually eaten, and upon reflecting over the many television series’ you have blown through, you’re starting to see what every human will eventually see.

We require stimulating social interaction. We need other people to bounce ideas off of, and we simply cannot maintain our sanity if we completely lack the attention of other human beings. Have you ever seen the movie ‘Castaway’? I truly cannot even fathom what human beings must be saying to our sports equipment these days. 

Either way, whether you are quarantined with a buddy, with your family and your pets, or if you are cooped up all by your lonesome, it does help to remember that your friends and family are often just a phone call away. Reaching out to near and distant friends is a great way to use up idle time! Your body and soul’s need to gab and giggle is perhaps one of the most essential in this life. And if the regular-old video chat sessions are starting to give you a bore, the zoom meetings don’t feel the same anymore, and you and your friends have started playing phone tag more than you actually talk or laugh — then maybe you should try this:




Get crazy. Bring a preroll to the party. It could go a little something like this:

  1. Plan it out with your best friend, your grandma, your old coworker. Heck, get them all together! Pick a time that works for all of you (when you’re not working or cleaning your house) and plan your TokeTime video chat.
  2. Procure a quality cannabis pre-roll from your local compliant dispensary (aka retail storefront) OR order one through your local cannabis delivery service, and have it delivered to your home. We recommend that you try the newest flavor of a SHAKA Preroll, something that is sure to get the conversation rolling, and maybe not kick you on your butt. 
  3. You might like to get ready for the call by putting on some lively music – you never know when a regular phone conversation with grandma may turn into a virtual dance party, and you’ve got to be ready with the moves. 
  4. Wear something silly and out of the ordinary. For me, that means I’m throwing on a wig. For you, it might mean a feather bowa, a cowboy hat and a Mardi Gras mask, a star wars lightsaber… What have you got to lose? Pants Optional – Who’s gonna know?
  5. Get ahold of the homie (or relative), and proceed with the virtual hang-sesh. No concern for puff ~ puff ~ pass when you each have your own personal prerolls! Now let the time just fly on by- it almost feels like the real deal! You may even be sad to finish your TokeTime sesh, don’t worry, SHAKA got you covered, we put two prerolls in each and every pack, just so you can go ahead and light up another one. 



Until next time, be safe. Be sanitary. And above all – hang loose – SHAKA LIFE 

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This article was written for an audience that is over the age of 21. 

Written by Jessica Jane @ The Humboldt Campus